25 August 2010

Wednesday's What's On Your Plate? * goes back to school

Wow how the time flies.
It's back to school already? No more summer?
Well the heat is still here, that's for sure! But the free time is not.
We are back to homework doing, lunch packing,
picking the next day's outfit type of nights.
Know what I'm sayin'?

Last year Daughter decided she no longer liked the school
lunches so we started packing her own. Which by the way, I like much better.
She is definitely eating healthier and eating almost everything.
{proud mom}

We pack the basics:
Pretzels, trailmix, cup of fruit or applesauce, cheese stick, fresh fruit, 
a bottle of water and a special note on the napkin.
The switchups are pb&j sandwhich, leftovers, lunchable, turkey or ham sandwhich,
raviolis or spaghetti Os {these have a full serving of veggies}
it's true. The can says so. :o)
Come winter she will have soup, chilli, stew, etc ...
I love that our little LOVE is not a picky eater and likes
the healthy stuff too.

I was thinking the other day that I would like to switch things up for her.
You know, make wraps or burritos instead of sandwhiches.
So I went on a hunt (thank you internet) and
I stumbled across laptoplunches.

There are some cute ideas there.  Check them out for yourself.

Happy lunch packing!  Until tomorrow ...