07 December 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree ...

... oh how I love thee eee eeeee
sung in a voice-cracking vocal because that's how I do it

Gosh I just LOVE this holiday.
I lOVE it for many reasons.

Highlighted today is ::
Christmas trees!
Large. Small. Charlie Brown style.
Ok, maybe not so much
that last one to look at but I do like the idea of it.

Decorated and all lit up is what I like to see.

I like the ones that are color coordinated. 
I like them themed.
I like the trees with a mixture of ornaments (this is how ours is).
As long as there are lights on the tree it's beautiful to me.

I like them all.

I just love the Christmas trees.

Please visit again for more holiday posts.
Yes I said ... more holiday posts. :o)