21 December 2010

F is for Fish is What's on your plate? today ...

I love most fish. Salmon being my favorite.
I can have it grilled or I can have it smoked.
I can have it baked. I can have it cold and on a salad.
I can have it marinated. Mmm ... teriyaki!
I am really not picky when it comes to salmon.

Give this grilled salmon a try ...

salt, pepper, lemon juice, bbq
season and grill
(remember to make enough to make a yummy
salmon salad the next day for lunch)

Grill your favorite veggies too. I prefer asparagus but
really, I'll eat whatever Hubber is cooking. :o)

What do I like most about salmon?
Oh that's easy, it's light. I can eat a good size filet and
not feel stuffed.  It's as easy as that. 

Do you like fish? What's your favorite?

PS ... New Year's resolution #1: Keep the momentum.  Keep running.