14 December 2010

Just add ice skating to her talents ...

That's right my peeps, daughter now knows how to ice skate.
Did you think it was me? Oh heck no you sillies.

This past Sunday one of her dear friend's, Sam, had
her birthday party at Skate Town.
They put on a good party by the way. So good that daughter
wants to celebrate her birthday there next year.

I haven't been to Skate Town since my brother-in-law played
hockey there. Gosh, I don't even think he was driving then.
He is now, oh, 25ish and a dad, but the place still looks the same.
Clean. Fun. Cold. Yep that sums it up.

Anyhoo ...

She stuck to the buckets for a while then decided to just 
go for it! She did great!

I just LOVE this shot! She was coming off of the ice and
I had the camera literally about 6 inches from her face when
I snapped the pic. I wasn't even aiming or anything.
Needless to say she was a little upset with me that
the flash went off inches from her eyeball.
Sorry hunny! Momma wanted a pic! :O)

Maybe I'll give the skates a try ... next year. :o)