10 December 2010

Organized Chaos + A few Tips

Are you a busy person?  If so, do you like being a busy person?

Oh boy I sure am a busy person and I must say, I LOVE it.
Keeping my long time job and my real estate biz has me running.

We are a busy family actually. Going here and there.
Doing this and that and a little somethin' somethin'.
Work. Sports. Life. And oh ya, maintaining a home. 

I am not sure what we would do with ourselves if we slowed down.
Hmm ... actually {??? quick day dream}

So here goes it ...
Yep, those are real files that I am working.
Nope, that's not all of them.

Tip #1 ~ Post-its. I love the things {thinking about Romy & Michelle's
High School Reunion ... ha ha ha * favorite} Every file has one that
lists my list for that account and completed items are checked off (scribbled).
I do this so questions can be answered if I am away. (hopefully)

I am a note taker.  My ideas, thoughts, to-dos. They get jotted down
as I think of them.  At the end of my day I put everything in my Blackberry
and throw the paper away.

Tip #2 ~ Always be organized. Take notes. 
I don't rely on notes I have written on paper. If it's of importance
it goes in my Blackberry. If it's not, the paper gets shuffled to the
bottom of my oversized purse & eventually thrown away which is why
I don't rely on paper. HA! 
He hem ... I love my oversized purse.
Blackberry calendar and notes keep my mind straight.

I do at times still use a real life hang on the wall calendar.
Mainly to note things for the entire family to see whenever needed.

Tip #3 ~ Communicate. Make sure everyone impacted knows
what, where, when.
We are good communicators.

I sometimes put things on my calendar like,
do laundry, clean kitchen, pack lunch.
I know this may sound silly but it works.  After working those 12 - 14 hour days
I let my mind go into relax mode before I get home. I forget
the little things easily. 

It's best for me to not sit down until I have done my at home 
stuff for that day.  I will walk in, put my stuff down, then
start a load of laundry, get Daughter's lunch ready for the next day
and see if Hubber needs help with dinner.
Clean the catbox, check their water, exercise - not the cats. Me. :o).  

Tip #4 ~ Don't fully indulge in the relaxation mode until your daily to-dos are done
or started (like laundry).
This works for meIt may seem hectic at first but
once you get in your groove you will realize it's a piece of cake.

Tip #5 ~ (Most important) DON'T STRESS. Seriously. When I feel like
I have hit a wall I sit back, I don't say anything (no frustrated grumbling) and
I reflect on the good in my life and what I am thankful for
and how things could be worse.
I am sure that sounds silly to some but it works for me.  This little one-on-one
I have with myself reminds me to not let the little
things get to me.

Understand?  Great! Now go practice over the weekend.

Tootles :o)