27 December 2010

A Christmas on the coast.

Great food.
Lots of family fun.
Just a few things that come to mind to describe this Christmas.

Santa (aka Daughter) led the way on our walk along the bluffs.
We had a beautiful view of the ocean.

Daughter was up at her grandparent's house all week.
She had a blast and she got to spend time with Aunt Staci & Uncle Tim too!
They did lots of cooking and baking ...
cookies, fudge, chicken pot pies, the annual gingerbread house
and monkey munch, just to name a few.
They went on walks and to the movies.
They read books.  She had an amazing time.
Daughter is a lucky girl.

This year's gingerbread house.

Every year Daughter and her Gramdma and Grandpa make one.
It's a tradition.

Of course there were presents too.  This year Daughter
wanted to open all of her packages on Christmas Eve. She said she would 
have her stuff from Santa on Christmas morning.
We agreed and allowed her to open her gifts that evening. 
I think she was a weee bit excited. 

Daughter with one of her gifts on her head.
No it's not a hat, although it does look pretty cute!
This is a case for her new ipad. Knit especially for Daughter
by Grandma Flossie.
~Yesterday, she had the idea of having a pocket added to her case.
She ran over to Grandma Flossie's to ask if she could
'knit a pocket really quick'.
It was so cute. Of course she got her pocket added.~

On Christmas day we had my Hubber's amazing prime rib.
(mmm I think my mouth is still watering)
His sister Staci requested the yummy. Thanks Staci!
This is so good and so easy it may just be a What's on your plate? post in the future.
Keep your eyes peeled for this one!

Well, that pretty much sums up our Christmas on the coast.

Now on to the New Year!

New Year's resolution #3: Make more time in the mornings on the weekdays.