11 March 2011

flashback friday - looking back 50 years

Have you ever thought about the whole time machine thing? If it was real, what era would you travel back to? {wishing I had that special Delorean} Do you, or have you saved stuff from your grandparents, your family heritage, your life, so you could reflect back on them at a later date? And share them with your kids and/or grandkids? 

Do you like antique/vintage shopping?  I do and I am lucky.  I have a room in my house which is decorated with all things vintage.  Most of which are from our family.  I have so much stuff that I have started incorporating pieces into our modern decor throughout the house.  Let's not ask Hubber what he thinks about this.  Really, he doesn't mind because he's cool like that. 

I love most things vintage.  From furniture to clothes to old hair clips. I pretty much love it all.  I like seeing how things were worn and how they looked back in the day and how some styles/trends have come back into our current mags.  I always wonder who? what? where? when I find a new treasure.  If only I could know the story behind every item. {dreaming} 

In honor of one of my favorite things I thought it would be pretty awesome to look back 50 years for this week's flashback friday.  Check out this stuff from 1961.

[LOVE the one on the right and the headband too]

[Cutest suit ever. Minus the gloves.]
[I like the hat]

[Vroom ... vroom ... I'd drive this today. Yep!]
[Good ol' t.v. I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these.]

[A classic]

[I can watch this any day, any time.]

[Jeter's ancestors ... hee hee]

Do you like vintage?