08 March 2011

Meet Jeter

Meet Jeter. Named after Derek Jeter.  Formerly known as pup #6. 
Yep, I refer to our pup as a great Yankee. -don't judge

A little background real quick ... Daughter has been asking for a dog for a long time. We kept telling her, "No. Take care of your cats first .. blah blah blah". Well, about a month ago one of the trainers at All American (softball training facility) also breeds beagles and her momma beagle had a litter in January.

My Hubber loves beagles and Kylee has been doing so well in school while managing her very busy softball schedule that we thought this would be as good a time as ever. So 5 weeks ago we picked pup #6 out of a photo lineup and had been keeping the secret. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT WAS?

Fast forward to last Monday, Feb 28th: the pups were ready to go to their new homes. Yes! Finally. Daughter had a workout and a lesson so Angie (momma beagle's momma) brought pup #6 to All American so we could surprise her.

That little bundle of cuteness waited patiently under the blanket until Daughter was all done.  I pulled back the blanket and sat there waiting for her to see him.  It only took a few minutes and oh boy! she sure was excited.

Jeter did very well his first week in his new home.  And we did pretty well too.  Hubber and I haven't had a dog for about 10 years.  Sheesh, having a puppy is like having a baby.  The first few days he slept a lot and the first few nights I was up taking him outside every couple hours. 

Now he plays more then he sleeps (he sure is cute) and he slept for 5 hours straight last night. YAY! Puppy steps. Oh ya, he is trying to chew everything in sight so we have to keep an eye on the little stinker.

All in all Jeter is the perfect addition to our family.  

Stay tuned for future pupdates.  You won't want to miss all of the adorable stories and pics we will be posting.

PS, I apologize for the poor photo quality. The above photos are taken with my blackberry.  Future posts will contain much better photo quality. :o)