22 March 2011

oh my weeds!

Oh my geesh! This wild Northern CA weather is fooling our earth.  For example, we have had 5 days of straight storm - no sun & brrr cold temps, then today, SUN and 60 degrees.  What the heck?

As you can imagine the bushes, flowers and oh ya, the WEEDS are going crazy in our yard.  HUMPF! Darn weeds! 

Little Jeter will be hard to find pretty soon.
 That is supposed to be a gravely type ground cover. 
Even Jeter looks concerned.

Oh! there is more ...
Not pictured is the one that's almost as tall as the fence ...
and many, many, many more. {sigh}

Yep, I am pretty positive we have our work cut out for us just as soon as this weather clears up.  My hope is to have the yard cleaned by the time Dad and Mom2 come for a visit from Florida.  Fingers and toes are crossed.

The positive = Pulling weeds is a geesh darn good workout. So I'll keep that in mind and press on. :o)