30 March 2011

What's on your plate? S is for ... {part 1}

Hi! Hi! Hi!
Smile large today. The sun is out and everything seems to be lining up into place - just like the little chickies following their momma - just perfect.  Know what I'm saying?

Anyhoo ... This week's What's on your plate? is all about seafood and will be done in 2 parts. Part 1 is for Simple Salmon. So very simple I might add.

All you'll need:
Salmon Filets (enough for your family and/or guests)
Black Pepper
Lemon slices (enough for 2 per filet)

All you'll do:
Season the salmon with as much of the salt and pepper as desired (light salt is best).  Add the 2 lemon slices per filet then place skin side down on the bbq for about 20 minutes or until flakey.

Add some seasoned grilled asparagus, a patio table and a beautiful Spring evening and you have a lovely dinner.  Just like that. Quick and easy which is so important with how busy our lives are these days.   


Oh! Ok, What we do to the asparagus is this:
Brush with olive oil then sprinkle desired amounts of fresh garlic, black pepper and seasoning salt. Place on the grill for about 10 minutes.  We like ours a little crispy.

Check back later this evening for part 2 ... peel and eat shrimp.  It's Hubber's recipe. YUM!