28 March 2011

Setting Goals {me + family}

I believe in setting goals. I mean, without goals how would you have anything to strive towards. Know what I mean?  We -the 3 of us + cats + pup + rats- have goals. I like goals and I am inspired to go after them daily.  Some are large goals that will take time to achieve and some are smaller goals that can be acheived daily.  My daily goal today is to successfully cook my first ever whole chicken in the crock pot (more on this later).

Since the 3 of us + cats + pup + rats have goals we figured we'd share a few.  Let's start with the animals ~ I am their typing fingers. :o)

The Rat's goals are:
1) To never bite the hand that feeds us or else we will starve. (they have never bitten anyone by the way)

2) To not hang out by the edges of the cage when there is a cat lurking.

The Pup's goals are:
1) To chew one shoe, just one, without being caught. (not going to happen. I've got my eyes on that little stinker)

2) To get the cats to like me enough to play with me and not swat my nose.

He is trying hard ... see. He pinned Sammy down and licked her head.

The Cat's goals:
1) To stay away from that puppy.

2) To torment that puppy by intentionally jumping up higher then he can reach then stare at him until he leaves.

The 3 of us ...
Daughter's goals:
1) To make honor roll this school year. (she's doing very well)

2) To consistently have good at-bats during tournaments. (she's doing good here too)

Hubber's goals:
1) Increase the sales in my area to the point where I get a company car.

2) Coach Daughter's softball team to Nationals. (He's such a great coach)

My goals:
1) To implement the inexpensive marketing idea I learned from the financial seminar I attended last week. (stay tuned for more)

2) To run at least 1 mile on the treadmill 5 mornings a week along with my normal routine.

This is just a few of our goals. ;o) You know there are many more because we are driven to thrive.

I will leave you with a picture of the chicken taken this morning when I put it in the crock pot.  I was happy to hear that the crock pot did not catch fire while Hubber was at work. (A huge fear of mine. I know, I know ... I'll get over it eventually.)

Until tomorrow!