25 March 2011

I did not vanish {busy week}

Oh sheesh, you know it's been an unusually busy, chaotic week when I can't muster the time to show bloggy love.  It's funny how this little ol' blog has become such a big part of my daily existence.  I thought about {her} every day, just had no time to {visit}. I reep the rewards of starting this -back in September 2009- every time I hear a comment or read an email of how I have inspired someone along the way.  Those comments/compliments inspire me to keep this little diddy going.  :o) That said, let's get on with it ...

My unusually, chaotic week in review:
Last weekend was more mellow then the weekends we have had lately. Softball was cancelled due to the Seattle type weather we have been having so we took advantage and cleaned our house. All weekend. Even daughter pitched in and cleaned her bedroom and playroom.

Sunday afternoon I had the worst allergy attack I have had in over a year -don't pitty me- which pretty much knocked me down from about 2:00pm through most of Monday.  Talk about hindering my plans. humpf!

Monday evening we had to get Daughter packed and labeled for her 5th grade 4-day field trip to Mission Springs.  It's a science camp in the Santa Cruz mountains and oh boy, she sure was excited to go. She comes home today by the way. YAY!

She spent lots and lots of time with little Jeter pup before she left.  Adorable.

Tuesday and Wednesday were days full of work - In the office and real estate paperwork and meeting prep in the evening, meetings with partners and clients.  I feel lucky to love my jobs like I do. Have a I mentioned that before?

Thursday was work and an awesome seminar put on by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. ~Building Business in 2011.  I am primarily a listing agent, specializing in short sales. This seminar gave great information and awesome marketing ideas that are inexpensive.  Key word - inexpensive. :o)

And here we are at Friday already. I am so happy this week flew by because we have been missing our little munchkin and I know she has been missing us too, and the puppy.  I didn't worry about her too much on this trip since one of my besties was a chaperone. Phew!

Tomorrow I will be doing laundry and meeting a client for their final walk-through while Daughter goes to a play with her Grandma Lynne and Papa Jay.  They take her to a lot of plays which is really awesome. Lucky girl!

Lastly, don't worry my bloggy peeps! We'll be back next week with What's on your plate? It's a Shrimp & Salmon edition! Whoop!

Have a wonderful weekend!