14 October 2009

Another Day...Another 50 miles. On foot!

Day two: Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!

We started this day bright and early - out of the hotel at 6AM.  First stop - the Today show.  We asked the NBC store on Thursday what time would be good to arrive; they said about 7:00.  We needed to be there early to get a good spot, so up and off we went.   After a bus, some foot fuel and a cab, we made it at 7 and there were so many people already there! Wowzers! Luckly we got right on the rail thanks to a nice lady who noticed Kylee standing behind her with our sign.

Kylee wrote "Hi" and listed some of her friends. Ahhh
Notice security behind us? I didn't do it! :o)

Our Today show experience lasted about a half hour.  We hadn't had breakfast and it was a little boring for Kylee.  We decided to give up our prime spot and headed off to see more of amazing NY City!

Wish I knew how to ice skate. I would be all over this!
Rockefeller Center

We took a city tour which also included a ferry boat tour on the Hudson. Ferry boat was our next stop. Guess what? We walked all the way to the pier.  Lots of walking to be had in this city!  We learned a lot about Manhattan, Brooklyn, how they vent the tunnel (yes, you can drive under the river), where super pilot landed the plane, where they evacuated people via boat on 9/11, where the Titanic was supposed to dock and up close to the Statue of Liberty.

On our way to the ferry Kylee made a,
well a lot of wishes in this fountain.

We sat down in Times Square for a few minutes too and took in all of the billboards, honking horns and the people.  
On the ferry...
The brown thing to the right is a vent.

Once the ferry tour was over we walked, yes walked, back to Times Square to hop on the city tour bus. This was cool because we sat on top of the bus and had a tour guide giving us some really good info!

Us on the bus.

Once on the bus tour you can get on and off the bus wherever they stop.  We took this ride in to Little Italy.  We had lunch at a little place that served brick oven pizza and we did a little shopping. Then back on the bus to finish going around the city.

After the tour we went to the Hershey store and to a sports store to get Jamie and I a couple of NY Giants jerseys for Sunday's game.

After more walking, and a few trips on the subway - at night I might add, (hey, it's not so scary after all), we went back to our hotel to meet my mother and father-in-law for dinner. 

Another great day!