26 October 2009

Pumpkins, Scarecrows, Hay Bails OH MY!

This is a great time of year. 
I love the pumpkins.
I love the decorations, especially the scarecrows.  
I love the food. 
The pumpkin patches.
Apple Hill. 
I really heart Apple Hill

Saturday Kylee and I met our great friends at Fog Willow Pumpkin Farm.  It's a little place just south of us and they have animals too.  The kids fed the goats.  Wasn't too busy so we were in and out in just a few hours.  Kylee wanted a pumpkin so we searched.  And searched.  Then she found THE perfect pumpkin.  It's shaped like a 'super plump strawberry' as she says.

We took that super plump strawberry pumpkin home, she drew a face on it then we started to clean and carve. 

She wanted to clean! The pumpkin.

This weekend we are going to get out our fall decorations & I am so excited about it!  I am a little late this year as I normally have this done already.  Truth is, we have been too busy to get the stuff down from the garage. 

Well wait no more! Come Sunday my house will be festive again! 

Happy pumpkin hunting to all of you!