21 October 2009

New York Football!

Day Four: Score!

Sundays are great this time of year because, well, it IS football season! Woot! I really heart those 49ers!  Sundays are expecially great when you can watch a game. Live. Out of town.

On this day we went to the Giants/Raider game with a pack of Raider fans.  My inlaws are members of the Sacramento Raider Rooters and the club travels to 1 away game a season.  This time was New York! Hello?! How could we pass this up? Jamie is a Giants fan so without hesitation we said, "sign us up!".

A bus picked us up from our hotel and away we went. Jamie and I as Giants and Kylee as a Raider.  She likes those Raiders.  I say her Grandparents have corrupted her.

Us in front of Giants Stadium

Kylee with her Grandparents

We had so much fun. Kylee met 3 old players at the tailgate and got their autographs.  She was so excited. 

Her and daddy played catch.
(not with the autographed ball)

We were sitting on the third level but seemed so close to the field.  The stadium is steep.

After the game was over we went to our hotel and took a much needed nap. 

Feeling rested we met the inlaws and another couple and headed to Bonefish Grill in NJ for dinner.  This place is so good!  Guess what? The owner happened to be from Northern CA. He treated us like we were famous.  It was so nice.  The food was excellent and the service was AWESOME!  Kylee liked her dinner so much that she wrote a note to the chef.  She wouldn't show it to me but I did catch a peek. Part of the note said, "you should be on Top Chef." Ahhhh so cute!  Our server took Kylee back to the chef for personal delivery.

Well dinner was done and it was time for bed.  We had to pack the next morning.  sigh...