15 October 2009

A Super New York Saturday!

Day three: Hello Tim & Staci!

Jamie's sister Staci and her husband Tim drove over to spend the day with us. We were so excited! We only see them once a year and twice every other year.  So as you can imagine we started our day bright and early.  We had to soak up as much of them as possible! 

Jamie, Kylee and I hopped on a subway and headed towards their hotel.  By the way, we really heart the NY subways. Once you get to know the routes, you are set!  We met them almost immediately, they have good timing. 

Jamie and Tim set off for the NY Wine and Food Festival. They had a great time and got nifty gift bags complete with a mini skillet! True story.

Staci, Kylee and I headed off to do stuff. Just great stuff.  We started with a stop in Crumbs.  Staci heard that the first 300 people to tell that location Happy Birthday would get a free cupcake.  Kylee and Staci both got a free cupcake. 

Then we were off to get some food at Max Brenner.  This place is FABULOUS! It's a chocolate place. Lots of chocolate. Chocolate displayed like I have never seen chocolate before. Chocolate in a syringe. Seriously.  Enough about the chocolate (YUM-O) they have real food too and it was very good.

Kylee's pasta was displayed so cute!
Her sauce is in that syringe!
Great idea. She never used to order red sauce.
Presentation is key.  Thanks Max Brenner!

Next stop on the Girly Tour - Dylan's Candy Bar.  One word: Spectacular.   This is the sweetest candy shop I have ever seen. Then again, it is in New York. :)  Three stories complete with a cafe.  So much candy. So many cute candy things. WOW! Kylee got some goodies here. 

Check out the stairs!

After Dylan's we went towards Central Park, The Plaza & FAO Schwarz.  Staci pointed out some spots from Sex and The City. I was very greatful! :)  The Plaza looks so beautiful. We will stay there some day.  FAO is huge! Full of people but so big it wasn't super crazy. 

By now we were ready to meet the boys for lunch.  Staci had told us about a diner where the servers sing Broadway.  They are actually trying to get on Broadway.  Very cool.  It's called Starlight Restaurant & Diner.  Great food and awesome entertainment.  Kylee requested a song from Wicked so one of the girls came out and sang the song right to her.  Very nice.

That sure is a big sucker. Dessert!

After lunch we headed towards another entrance of Central Park.  This is by one of the Trump Towers and has a nice play area for kids.  Next time we go to NY we definitely want to see more of the park.

An entrance to the play area.

Play time!

Time for more food! I was told that Grimaldi's in Brooklyn was excellent pizza. Since Jamie was wanting some good NY pie we decided to head that way. 

Times Square...again.
I can't get enough!

Grand Central Station.
Amazingly huge!
This is where we hopped on the subway to Brooklyn.

Hmmm...ya...Grimaldi's + Saturday at 8:00 pm = a line to get in a half a city block long.  Guess what? We didn't want to wait.  The good thing is since we were in Brooklyn we decided to walk back to the City via the Brooklyn Bridge.  What a great experience.  At night the views are fabulous!

Uncle Tim carries Kylee for a while.


We ended up getting pizza at a tiny little place called Joe's.  Grabbed our slices and ate them across the street in a little seating area around a fountain.  It was nice. 

Last stop, Eskimix. A frozen yogurt place.  Very yummy! They grind all of the ingredients you pick. Literally, they have big cork screw looking things.  I didn't get one of my own but I tried a little from Jamie and Kylee.  Mmmmmmm goodness!

That was the end of our Super NY Saturday. We said our goodbyes ...sigh and headed back to our hotel.

I'm still smiling.