02 October 2009

Green Your Home - One Room at a Time (Part 2)

The bathroom is a great place to conserve water!
Here's how:

No dripping: Fix leaky toilets and repair dripping faucets—a leaky toilet can waste up to 600 gallons of water a month.  Yikes!

Go Low-Flow: High-efficiency bathroom sink faucets and accessories such as faucet aerators can reduce your standard flow by more than 30 percent, without sacrificing performance. Woot! Other areas where you can reduce your water flow include the toilet and shower. Install an aerated showerhead and you could cut water use by up to 70 percent.

Did you know an old-style, single-flush toilet can use more than three gallons of water per flush? Wow, so someone like me who drinks a lot of water in a day and I mean A LOT, resulting in many trips to the potty, is flushing mucho gallons per day for sure. Modern reduced-flow or high-efficiency models average a little more than one gallon. I can’t wait to start our bathroom remodels. Next on our list. Guess I know the kind of toilets we will be getting!

Turn off the water: Try to remember to turn off the water when brushing your teeth or shaving. You could save up to four gallons of water per minute! Yep, here is another thing I need to do.

I hope you find these Green tips as helpful as I did. And again, remember the light bulbs in your bathrooms too. Go CFL or LED baby!

Your Realtor,

Source: CAR's Green Web Site