13 October 2009

Well Hello New York City!

Day one: Wow!
We flew in to Newark, NJ. On the way in we were lucky enough to be in the back of the small, not so full plane.  One of the flight attendents was sitting right behind us pointing out the spot on the Hudson where super pilot landed the plane, where the Twin Towers once stood and we got a good view of the Statue of Liberty too! As you will see, we eventually saw all of these things up close and so much more. But it was cool to get the quick glimpse right before touching down. Kylee was so excited!

We took a redeye flight in so we could have an extra day in the city.  Once we landed we went to the hotel and checked-in. They had our room ready at 9am - NICE! We changed and hit the ground running.  A city bus picked up right outside of our hotel and took us to the Port Authority bus station. From there you can catch a subway. However, we did not know much about the subway routes at this time so we hit the streets, with our feet.  1st stop - lunch! We ate at a cafe on 44th and Broadway - philly cheese steak - YUM-O! After lunch we HAD to find the American Girl store.  Really, we HAD to find it and find it ASAP. Kylee was so excited to go there.  22 blocks later - on foot - there it was! 

I love this picture. It looks like she is hailing a cab, which she is very good at by the way. 

On our way to Kylee's favorite NY store we walked through Times Square - AMAZING! Stopped in Toys R Us - WOW! And went to the NBC store.
Next stop, the Empire State Building. Funny thing is we passed it on the way to American Girl and didn't even know it! HA HA HA

The view from the top!

Then we hopped on a subway down to Ground Zero (which is completely closed off now. errr) From there we walked to Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty at night. 

Very pretty.

And watched a couple of ferrys go by.

We were pretty tired by now so we made our way back to our hotel and went to sleep.