27 October 2009

Oh no! First the Tooth Fairy and now Santa?

Our munchkin is growing up.
She is asking questions.
I thought I would be excited for the time to come
when I didn't have to seperate Santa from us.
Tonight, I got butterflies.
I was kind of sad. A little.

Kylee: "Mom, if Santa REALLY got me these earrings how did he get them from Claire's?"

Me: "He probably sends his elves out to get some special stuff for him."

Kylee: "Well I have never seen a boy in Claire's. That would be funny. A boy in a girl's store."

Me: "Daddy has gone to Claire's."

Kylee: "Ya, he was with you and me.  I have never seen a boy in there by himself."

Me: "I bet the elves do the special shopping."

Kylee: "They look kind of funny. It would be weird to see them in the mall."

Me: "Hmmm, maybe there is a Claire's next door to Santa's workshop.  Santa probably doesn't like to be seen."

Kylee: "Hmmm...Did you know he has special cookies? If you see him you have a cookie then you won't remember that you saw him when you wake up in the morning."

Me: "Oh really?" 
         Who told her that one?

And that was it. 
I think she has an idea.
I am not asking.
I'm going to let her do the talking. 
I am nervous.
I know the day is coming.