23 October 2009

A Fascinating Place

We have so many NY favorites.

The buildings.
I was so amazed at all of the streets lined with towering buildings.
Stores with apartments for stories high above them.
Wow, the views some people must have.

The neighborhoods.
They all look alike.
Even the trendy ones.
I really loved all of the neighborhoods.

Park Avenue – Beautiful.

The sites.
The history.
The history of the sites.
So much history in New York
and so much more to learn.

The food – oh the food.
We ate at so many great places.
The café in Little Italy.
The Harvest Brewery in the Empire State Building.
Max Brenner.
And the number of diners & delis.
Eskimix for a frozen desert.
Crumbs for the cupcakes.
I especially loved all of the outdoor seating.
Little tables at almost every eatery.
No matter how small or how large, there were tables outside.
Ohhhh and there are so many more places to try.

The shopping.
So many stores.
I got THE cutest purse I have ever seen.
(in my opinion).
I am a sucker for the small boutiques.
Not sure if it is the merchandise or the atmosphere that I like best.
Guess I will have to go back to figure that one out.

Grand Central Station.

Central Park.
We need to see more of Central park.
So big and spectacular.
We were only able to see about a block worth.

The subway system.
It’s not so scary after all.

New York is truly a magical place
in a busy, highly populated kind if way.
Funny thing is the people were one of the best parts.
New Yorkers are great!
They were so nice.
Everyone we came in contact with was splendid.
I love their accents.

The two things I wanted to bring home
and didn’t were
the big piano from FAO Schwarz
(250k – seriously? Yes, saw it with my own eyes.)
and the New Yorker accent (priceless).

Ahhh… Definitely one of the best vacations
we have had.
I want a do-over!