23 February 2010

Colorful Inspiration

Whether your room is small or large.
Has lots of natural light or is a little on the darker side.

You can add some color. Some Energy. Some smiling faces.

Do you want to walk into your house,
your room after a long day and smile?
Do you want to feel relaxed instantly and
let all of the daily havic leave your mind?
You can do it by adding a little color to
any room.
Start with the room you spend the most time in.

That makes sense.
Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once.
A step at a time.

Kids need this too!

Kids room
I haven't seen green toned down this well before.

Intersting Pink/Mauve
Never thought about using so much of this.
This pic makes them look nice.

1) Paint a wall, or two, or three. 
2) Add colorful pillows. 
3) How about showing Mother Nature some love. Get green with it.
4) How about a whimsical lamp. A focal point.
5) Reflect your lovliness with a mirror.
6) If you have a small chair like desk or rocker -
cover or change the cushion. Or add a pillow.
7) Get artsy.  Be bold, put up a painting.
8) Bookshelf? No problem. Paint the back of it a bold color.
9) Add a blanket or a throw.

Have fun with it! I would love to hear about your decor!