02 February 2010

So Random *** Today

Just random ramblings...today. Random Ramblings are just that.
Just Random.

Wholey where did January go? 11 months until Christmas...again. This is not a bad thing. 7 months until we start seeing the decor. Yes it's true.

In life - I'm happy. We are happy. We are great really.

Need to feel sand between my toes. STAT! That would be marvelous.  We heart the beach. San Diego is our cheap Hawaii. We need a cheap Hawaii vaca. ASAP

LOVE - So important. Love your family. Love your life.

Tummy rumblings...ya not so much today. Not feeling well so soup it is!
Nothing beats warm, pucker your lips and squint your eyes hot, broth.
In my opinion.

I am wrapped up warm. Nice soft blankie (thank you Mr. Babe) and a fire.  So cozy. Cozy so.

Recap of the Grammys. WOW & wow. That's it. If you watched you know which WOW or wow the performances received. I should be a critic. That's it! Changing the blog.

Just about Olympic time. YAY! Can't wait. The winter sports are my favorite to watch.

So Lost premiers tonight. The Final Chapter is what they are calling it.  Honestly, this show LOST me in the second season. Haven't seen it since.  I must say I am a little curious to see what is happening on the island...ohh...hmm now that I think about it maybe not so curious.

Random photo:
Angel (aka Devil Kitty)
This picture was hard to take.  You see, this kitty
was head bunting my hand trying to get me to pet her.

Oh boy! Idol and Biggest Loser tonight. Woot!

Enjoy your day.