04 February 2010

Let's Dish...We did it again!

Daughter and I once again cooked dinner.
For us. Appetizer included.

She hearts devilled eggs so that's what we made, with a twist,
& stroganoff for our main dish.

I boiled eggs to make egg salad and for her to have
devilled eggs. Hoping maybe with an egg to spare for breakfast.
No breakfast egg but the lots of fun and
creativeness of daughter made it OK.

Notice the two colors?
That's because daughter decided to try
egg salad in the eggs too. Devilled eggs
with egg whites (in the egg white), yolk mix, tuna & onion.
Not bad actually and she loved them.
Notice her 'thumbs up' in the pic.
Of course the regular recipe eggs are more yellow.

After we enjoyed our eggs, some batting practice and
homework we moved on to the main dish -
stroganoff. YUM!

Made with turkey meat, chopped onion, some spices
& pasta we made
Wa La!

This cooking thing isn't so bad after all.

Stay tuned for more...