26 February 2010

Just me...Prep Shirt & A Salad

I like all types of styles.
Not a certain one.

Depending on the day I will feel like:
Dressing up. Dressing down.
Dressing ‘frilly’ with ruffles & flowers & such.
Wearing denim (a fave).
Wearing slacks.
Wearing a skirt or dress.
Uggs on my feet or stilettos.
Belt. No belt.

I just like being me.

The other day I saw this white sweater in my closet.
I hadn’t worn it for a long time.
Next to it was the striped shirt. (closet NOT organized)
Hadn’t worn that in a long time either.
I thought, “self, you should put those together
and see how it looks.”
I did and added a pair of trouser jeans and
black (low heel) pointed shoes.
This was a belt day.

I was comfy and I loved it.

At the time of the above photo food was on the brain so...
Salad was for dinner. YUM!
Veggie mix with cucumbers and turkey
& my favorite dressing sprinkled on top.
(Safeway brand Eating Right Garlic Red Wine Vinaigrette)

Happy Friday!  Be comfy & just be you!