03 February 2010

Some Goood Eats!

We had dinner with the inlaws recently.
It was sooo very good.
As usual.

We had a few items we have not tried before.
That's how it is at their house.
They love to cook so every meal is a surprise.
New recipes all of the time.

A typical meal consists of:
appetizers (at least 1)

This appetizer...
Artichoke Pepper Dip

The directions

Good wine
not pictured
It goes too fast. HA! Just kidding.  Ok yes, really.

And the main grub...
This meal included goat ribs, butternut squash & risotto.
Yes, you read correctly - GOAT RIBS.
They were delish!

I know. I know.
A ton of food on that plate, right?
So my eyes were bigger then my tummy.
Who cares! It was good!
Oh and I ate it ALL. Yes I did. True story.

Father-in-law puts some yummy rub on his ribs.
Very yummy.  Never a bad meal in that house.

And of course, we brought home leftovers. 
Thank goodness!