25 February 2010

Simple exercise. Sweet breakfast. My rules.

I am back on my exercise kick. Again.
Starting out slow so I don't get bored with it.

I am also eating better too. 
Yesterday morning I had
cheerios = good for the heart. blueberries = good for the soul.
organic 1% milk = perfect.

My slow start is this ~
25 minutes of my evening are spent doing the following:

pilates stretches

Yep that's it. Just 25 minutes right now.
Actually I bumped to 35 minutes last night.

Thank you Rubios for serving me those
carnitas nachos @lunch.
So yum at that moment.

My tummy said YES while my body was
trying to figure out a way to smack
some sense into me. myself.

Last night = salad and a small portion of lasagna
then cheerios and blueberries again today.
Maybe eggs tomorrow.

One snack: chocolate with oats fiber bar.
It was good. Didn't taste like dirt
so I will have another one today.

Lastly, 2 cups of green tea. Maybe 3 in one day. Who knows.
Just playing this by ear so I don't feel
forced.  I do better that way.