10 February 2010

Getting Valentine's Day Crafty - Kid Style

I LOVE to create with my daughter.
She loves it too and we have
FUN doing crafty creative things together.

While searching around for different projects to keep us busy
I found these:

Tissue Flowers
This is what you'll need...

Pastel colored tissue paper - check 
Chenille stem - check  
Scissors - check
Ruler - check

This is what you do...
1. Cut tissue paper into rectangles of desired size (5x7 is the size pictured)
2. Stack 4-6 pieces of tissue paper. Use the same color or different colors.
3. Accordion pleat the tissue paper working from the long side.
4. Wind one end of the chenille stem around the middle of the accordion pleated tissue paper.
5. Gently separate each layer pulling upwards toward the middle of the flower.  Do the second side.

Hand Hearts
Isn't this the cutest?

Just get some of this stuff...
1 sheet pink construction paper
9" x 12" piece of white poster board or cardstock
Crepe paper streamers in festive colors cut into 14" lengths
18" piece of yarn
Acrylic paints (we used light blue, red and pink)

and get busy.

Both inexpensive and seem easy to do.
Perfect for kids! & some moms too. ;)

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