24 February 2010

The Thrift Store Experience

I went to a thrift store!
Yes I did and I LOVED it.

I have heard over and over how great they are.
How you can find treasures.

I could have spent hours in there
but husband and daughter were with me.

We did find some great things.
In my opinion.

Our finds include some
pretty lovely picture frames.
(by the way I am seeking more for a project)

For display only. Not even the cats will use that comb.

and then

Wait! One more..
In our house we ask that you
remove your shoes.
This was a perfect find for the entry way
and a steal, I might add.

Husband laughs at this but
I think I might be addicted.
Can you say, "budget decorating?"!

One of my Facebook friends suggested going
to thrift stores in San Francisco.
I can only imagine the goodies to be found there!

So once the weather gets better a friend and I are
gathering a few more ladies and are heading to
San Fran!

Stay tuned...