16 September 2009

Last Minute Brownies!

From the box of course! There is no from scratch-ness here! Maybe some day.
Kylee and I decided to make brownies today after dinner.  They have been in the pantry for a few weeks now.  Since the "Uncles" are coming to town for the races this weekend we decided to make them a treat.

 We got the goods together then got to work.
Box says to combine all ingredients then stir
50 strokes with a spoon. 
I think we did more than 50.
Ahhh...now for the fun part. Confetti!
Do you think she kept moving the
confetti around in hope that
the fingers would get some chocolate on them?
I asked her to wash her hands.
She said with a smile, "NEVER".
And we're done & they were YUM!