30 September 2009

A Scrappin' Good Time!

One of my good friends, Jamie, has a prego sister.
Jamie was put in charge of the shower invites.
Jamie knows I love to scrap & she saw the
invites I made for Heather's shower.
She asked for my help and of course I said YES!

Off we went to get a few supplies.

I took the stuff home to make an invite
so I could get her approval.

Great news! She liked it!

I had 32 invites to make and not alot of time. 
So I kept them simple.

Tah dah!

Each one has a different
puffy sticker on the front.
The vellum has pink foot prints...ahhhh!

The inside reads:
Cute Little Nose,
Sweet Little Smile...
A Baby is Coming in Just A Short While!
A Giggle, A Curl...
A Sweet Little Girl!

Jamie picked that off of a web site I sent her.
I love it!