17 September 2009

Real Estate News - Feng Shui

Feng Shui at Home

Applying Feng Shui at home can be easy if you understand the basic principles. Feng Shui
(sometimes spelled fung shway or fung shui)
is an ancient Chinese art that can enhance your life.

The Chinese characters shown above are for wind (feng) and water (shui, shei or shwei). Feng Shui encompasses many aspects of life.

To start:

Chi. The most important concept behind Feng Shui is an energy and force called chi, which is sometimes spelled Qi or Ki. You cannot see, feel or hear chi but you reap its effects. The physical location and surroundings of your house is a major factor in determining what kind of chi you get. Unfortunately, relocating is not an option for most people, so I will focus on what you can do with your existing home to improve the flow of positive energy.

Your goal should be to maximize your positive chi (scheng chi) and reduce your negative chi (si chi) and harmful energy (sha chi) in order to benefit from Feng Shui at home. By adding various elements, you can adjust improve your feng shui at home.  Adding movement such as flowing water increases the flow of chi, which increases the energy level of the room.

You can find appealing little fountains in a lot of stores. I found one in an Avon catalog recently.

Stay tuned for more….. Good luck!