14 September 2009

Not me! Monday

I have seen this posted on other blogs and fell in love with the idea. Thought I would give it a try for myself.

Not me! Monday

Here you go…all of the things I did not do last week!

I did not order more business cards because I am already out of the last batch. It’s been busy!

I did not go to Mikuni twice last weekend and enjoy every ounce of food I was served including the special roll the sushi chef made for us. Very YUM! Tip: sit at the sushi bar, it’s fun!

I did not try to make turkey burgers with chopped onions and bbq sauce mixed in and attempt to grill them. They stuck to the grill! I really didn't like that they stuck.

I did not salvage the patties and bring them in to cook in a pan. Note: they turned out pretty good. :o) Even ate the last one for lunch the next day!

I did not help Kylee with her math homework and get confused for a second. True story.

I did not finally have my hair appointment and loved catching up with my friend. Seriously, it had been almost 3 months. Goal: I will try to never reschedule an appointment again.

I did not help organize a nacho themed potluck for a colleagues baby shower. YUM! She got some adorable gifts.

I did not have a fun pizza dinner with our besties at Pizza Bell after Kylee’s softball pictures. The kids love the machines there.

I did not sit outside in the cold weather at Joe’s Crab Shack for lunch and a few drinks. It was a blast and the cold was a nice change.

I did not enjoy every minute of the 5 hours we spent at softball. And I mostly did not enjoy watching Kylee score a run in her second game.
Go Stingers!

Join us, would you?

Post your not me! Mondays

It's so much cheaper than therapy.