21 September 2009

What A Weekend!

Let’s start with Friday. Jamie and Kylee went to the race track after school. I took that opportunity to have some quiet alone me time. After work I got my nails and toes done. Yeah!  After that I got Chinese food and some wine and enjoyed some T.V. at home. By myself.  Although I am curious to know what the check out lady was thinking at Raleys while she was ringing up my half pints of food and my bottle of wine. Hmmm...

Saturday was race day but first Kylee and I went to cheer on Abby at her soccer game. They won 7-2 and Abby scored 2 goals! Woot! So glad we were there to see it!  Great job Abby!  After the game Kylee and I went to the race track to cheer on daddy. His car was running really good but he lost in the second round. Sigh….
We had fun hanging out with our friends from L.A. though. We don’t see them enough!

Sunday was softball day. Kylee had a double header. Game 1 had some controversy. It is amazing to me what coaches and parents will do to corrupt a game. We are talking 8U here people! Our AMAZING coaches handled the situation perfectly. Game 1 ...ya, that's all I have to say about that.
Game 2 – they brought in a new umpire. One who kind of  knew what she was doing…Sheesh! I said kind of….that girl called a strike when the ball bounced before it got to the plate. Huh? Anyway, Kylee hit a double in game 2.  Way to go! The girls played another awesome weekend. I am so proud of them! Oh and did I mention they won 7-3? Go Stingers!