28 September 2009

Not Me! Monday

Here you go Peeps...Let's do this!

I did not have a scrumptious lunch a Rubios with Kristin. And I definitely did not like the garlic shrimp taco I had for the first time. YUMM-O!

I did not take Kylee to her first batting lesson and like watching her confidence. Her coach is GREAT!

I did not go to an all day seminar and love every minute of it! The speakers were hilarious!

I did not leave that seminar extremely motivated and ready for that big change. I am a JUMPER!

I did not enjoy taking Kylee to Staples to get this “shakable pencil sharpener” she had to have. I love my girl! And I did not love Applebee’s afterward. Mmmmm

I did not get very excited to see Kylee get the Stinger Bear at practice. She has already received the bat. (Stinger bear and bat are take home until next practice or game prizes).

Once again, I did not have my favorite bbq albacore from Mikuni and love every once of it.

I did not have fun watching Kylee and her team play so well on Sunday. I really didn’t like the heat! Nope, not at all.

I did not eat dinner one night at home last week. I really didn’t so I must nip that in the booty right now!

Go ahead and join me.

Post your Not Me! Mondays!

It’s so much cheaper than therapy. ;o)