15 September 2009

Real Estate News - Tips To Pretty Up Your Lawn

Let's get our Lawns Ready Now for Next Year! 

Are you planning on selling a property in the spring or do you just want to get your yard looking good? Well then, get a jump on curb appeal by working now on beautifying your lawn.

Here are some key tasks that will lead to a green and healthy yard in the next selling season:

Calculate the total lawn area to learn how much seed and chemicals are required.

Treat weeds with an herbicide.

Test the pH level and, if indicated, add lime.

Plant ground cover like pachysandra and hardy ferns in low-light or slopping areas.

Before preparing, seeding and fertilizing the rest of the lawn, consider whether there are areas that might be better candidates for stepping stones or another attractive alternative to plantings.

These are great suggestions for that neighbor who doesn’t seem to take as much care of their yard as you do.  Hint…hint… wink…wink…