13 September 2009

A Simple Saturday

All that know us know we don't sit still too long -
constantly on the move. 
We have a lot going on especially this time of year. 
This Saturday happened to be a nice, relaxing one.  Every once in a while it's nice not having a schedule ....ahhhh
Here is our day:
after sleeping in we managed to get ourselves
moving enough to go to breakfast. 
I love breakfast...eggs benedict specifically. 
Had a good meal then we went home and
cleaned around the house a bit.  
Jamie got to watch some college football (HOOK'EM HORNS!) then we were off to a softball school to look into lessons for Kylee. The school was closed...sigh...we were looking forward to getting her signed up.  Oh well.
I jumped on their web site and found out their hours on the weekends are sporadic so I sent them an email and left a message.  You think that's too much?  Nah...
Since we were so close to Old Sac we decided to go to one of our favorite places for lunch - Joe's Crab Shack.  Their atmosphere is fun and their food is yum! The service is pretty good too. 
Kylee hearts the crab.
After lunch we headed home and vegged. It was a great day!
I hope you all had a good day too.