15 July 2010

Baby it's H.O.T out here!

It's sizzlin' out here today!

The sun is definitely shining. down. bringing the heat. 
I am a summer girl. I enjoy the heat.
I really do. I think ...
However, I AM beginning to realize that I like
the heat a lot more when I am not running
around in it. Yep. I definitely
like it better when I have water to dip into.
Pool, Ocean (preferred), lake.
You know what I mean?
Is this too much to ask?

I've got some tips for you if you share
my same experience today:

If you are working (like me) then
take cover! Find some shade such as ...
umbrellas are a nice portable
kind of shade

Or ...
sitting under a tree in the
grass with a nice breeze
is the diggety

If you aren't working hopefully
you have access to one of these ...



Either could work. Don't be picky.
Again, I don't think this is too much to ask.
heeeee heeeee

And when it's blistering whether you
are enjoying the water or taking cover under
shade during your work day you
should always stay hydrated and
eat healthy, refreshing snacks such as ...

That is my advice for the day.
Stay cool. Stay hydrated. Stay healthy.
Have a great one!

photo credits: weheartit.com
Well the apple is mine. Can't you tell?
It's not as fancy as some of the others.