12 July 2010

{www} What a Wonderful Weekend

We had a busy but very wonderful weekend.

Let's see, it started with a 6:30 wake-up call
(thank you alarm clock) on Saturday.
This was necessary actually becasue we had
to be at Elk Grove Park by 8:00am to start our
shifts at the snack bar during the All Star
softball tournament.  I heard there were
something like 55 teams there. WOW!
That explains why we were busy.
Busy busy. All. Day. Long.
Hubber worked the grill and I worked inside.
We were there from 8:00am until about 7:00pm.
I know. Long day right?
But oh so worth it.  We love helping out
whenever we can.

Sunday, we got to sleep in until about 8:00.
Well, actually I woke up sporadically during the
night so I am not sure I would call it
sleeping in. Would you? Opinions please.
Anyhoo ... I had a 1 hour fitness class at 10:00
then a meeting from noon until about 3:30pm.
Both in Roseville.  By the time we got home
I was pretty tired. Just wanted to veg and watch
movies. Independence Day and then
Remember the Titans.
I love when good movies are on channels like
TNT and E. 
Especially since we don't have movie channels!

That was our {www} ... in a nut shell.

Undiagnosed insomnia update:
for a while I was doing great!
Getting 5 hours of unbroken sleep.
Pretty impressive eh? Well lately
my lovely undiagnosed insomnia has returned.
Now I am waking up 2 to 3 times a night
and wide open peepers at 4:33am.
Seriously? errrr
I like to tell myself this is because
I have so many ideas. So many plans to put in
motion that I am constantly thinking about
so it wakes me up at night.
Yep, that's it.  That's the reason.
I'll keep you posted ...

Good day and good night y'all!