13 July 2010

Friends on the Fence

Aren't they so very adorable?
I sure do think so!

I purchased them at Joann Fabrics
oh probably 4 years ago.
Back then I had every intention of
hanging them in the then backyard.
Eventually they got shuffled to the garage and were
never hung.
Then we moved. YAY!
I like our new backyard so much more then
the then backyard.
There are more plants, bushes and flowers.
We were inspired to dig out the yard decor
and get to work and cutesifying our yard.
Front and back.
FYI, we have the cutest turtle
stepping stones in the front yard.
Ohhh future post to come on those. YEP!
I have yard stakes placed in various spots
and a mini flag stand.
We have a little patch of grass that
I could even mow.
oh and the pool.

This piece of fence has no plants.
not even under our friends on the fence.
So of course we thought this was
THE perfect spot.

I think they look cute here.

It's Our yard is so pretty. I love sitting in the hot tub
and just staring around.
It's pretty cute ... in my opinion.