14 July 2010

A Bike Ride ... Funtabulous!

It’s no surprise that our family {Hubber, Daughter and I}
have been focusing on a healthier lifestyle.
Healthy eating habits and lots of exercise/activity.
It’s not just thinking we are eating better
it’s knowing what we are eating and why it’s better.
And to come up with different activities to do often.

We have had our bikes since before Daughter
was born. It’s true. We used to ride along the
American River.  Since having daughter and, well,
the stories you hear about people getting attacked
by mountain lions and such,
we haven’t really done any riding at the river.

We do have a big circle in our neighborhood.
The street is almost two miles.
A good ride for daughter.
But as you can imagine we got bored with
looking at the same houses, elementary school
and park time and time again.

So while Daughter is away at camp weep weep we have
been scoping out local trails to take her on & we
report in to her to share the new ride finds.
She IS excited to see them.

It’s nice that we are lucky enough to have really
nice bike trails right in our town.
They are very pretty too.

This one is about 5 miles and has so much scenery.
Lots of ducks.  Although none pictured here.
Please note; this photo is the beginning of our ride.
Prior to Hubber calling me slow poke and saying, "you know you
are slow when a jogger passes you." Gosh I love him! :o) 
only issue is you have to dodge duck poop until you
get out of the first park.
There are even some small inclines. Nothing
huge but enough for you me to feel it in the legs.

Check out this site to see if you have trails close to you.
My guess is you will be suprised at what you find.

P.S. That jogger was fast! I swear he was
training for a double marathon or something.