20 July 2010

Butterfly Inspiration

Why? Do you ask.
It's simple.
{in my opinion} butterflies are peaceful.
So dainty. So Graceful. So colorful.
They won't hurt you.
Unless you are in some kind of
weird movie or something. HA!

This is what inspires me today ...

Nice design. I would do
something like this over
our bathtub. I need something like
this over our tub. Now.

My favorite picture.
I want to go home. Immediately.
To make some cute displays. 

I look at this and think * stationary.
I want to write a special someone
a special note. ASAP. 

Ahhh ... sweet dreams tonight.
I sure hope so anyway! 

Time to go home. Get pretty
in a ruffled skirt and put
these in my hair. If only I had these.
I must find similar hair clips. STAT! 

So cute for a girl's bedroom
or a playroom.  I have ideas for 
daughter's playroom. I need to
gather more picture frames like
... yesterday so I can get
that room done. I want to
get that room done. 

I am smiling right now.
Butterflies make me happy.
Well butterflies and daisies if you
must know. :o)