19 July 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up - It's Random Ramblings

The weekend started out fantastically
on Friday night.
Even though my car got broken in to at
the restaurant.
Yes, you read correctly.
Car. Broken. In to.
It's cool though. Not a lot of damage
and they didn't get much.
So no big deal after all. Could have been
worse. Right?

Prior to the break-in I was
having dinner with some old friends.
Not old like in age old but old
like in long time friendships.
Jen, Heather and Charlene.
I see Jen often & Heather a lot.
Not so much of Charlene though so it
was fun that we could all get together
for a nice dinner on Friday night. 

I brought these silly gumball machine rings
for us. Aren't they cute? Well the idea was cute. :o)
We laughed. Talked. Laughed some more.
All of the memories from when we were
younger.  Back when we just knew we
we THE coolest girls walking the earth.
I am sure you all know that feeling.  :o)

Then Saturday was a big day.
Daughter was done with Art Camp on
Friday and went to San Francisco with
her grandparents, her Aunt Staci (from PA)
and Kim (Aunt Staci's friend) to see Peter Pan.
They stayed close to the city that night
then met us back there Saturday morning.
We spent all day there.
{more detailed blog post to come}
It was so fun. The weather was beautiful!
Had lunch at a dim sum place.
Not a huge fan of the ambiance.  My husband's reference,
"this looks like a place in a Jackie Chan movie.
I keep waiting for him to come running from the back
doing a fight scene."
It was funny.  Seriously, we ate in a banquet room
but it was the restaurant.

the desert. daughter liked it. I didn't try it.

We walked. And walked. And walked. 
Until the end of the day when we took a cable car
from the warf back to China Town.

We were so excited to see daughter.
It had been two weeks!

I LOVE our peek-a-book picture ...
as I call it.
p.s. I am really liking all of the things
I have learned to do on photobucket.

Oh my gosh. This is so funny {in my opinion} ...
My girlfriend pulled her lint roller
out of her desk drawer and all of this
stuff was stuck to it!
I mean it makes sense that stuff would
stick but dang her desk is a mess!
ha ha ha
See for yourself!

Anyhoo ...
Sunday was a fantastic day too.
Well the day was. Not so much the evening.
I got up nice and early for my
one hour fitness class.
Then I came home to a house of friends.
Our out-of-town friends were passing through town
on their way home and stopped for lunch. YAY!
Unfortunately my camera was dead from
Saturday but the kids have made my blog before.
See! Aren't they cute!

They left and daughter's softball practice resumed.
Yep, winter ball is back people!
She was out there for 2 1/2 hours.
I on the other hand was visiting
a dear family friend who recently had 2 heart attacks.
She is looking marvelous of course but she still
needs to relax.

Scary enough, her daughter, Heather
(friend from Friday night's dinner) was
taken to the hospital with back pain and
shortness of breath before I got there.
I hung out, visited, played with Heather's kids
and was kept well informed by Steve, her hubby.

This is their youngest, Jacob.
Yep, I am in love.

This is big brother Gabriel taking good care
of little Jacob. Ahhh ...

Luckily Heather was able to go home last
night.  She had more tests scheduled
for today.  I am glad they are taking every

Phew ... Here's to the week ahead!