11 July 2010

dear late lunch ... very late

-dear late lunch ... very late,

thank you for being available for me after 3:00pm. 
you were so important today because I 
realized that after fitness class and a
meeting that I had not yet eaten for the day. 
nope.  not at all.
not even a coffee. not even a mocha. wha!?! 
I already know.  no need to tell me how crazy this was.  
only thing now is I don't think
I will be hungry for your friend ... dinner. 
I won't eat past 8:00pm so I'm pretty sure
dinner is not happening tonight.  oooh actually,
I will have some blueberries in about an hour.  yum! 
yep that is my new plan.  just decided.

thanks again.
liz :o)