26 July 2010

Make healthy food LOOK Fun to eat!

Do you want your kids to eat healthier
but don't know how to get them
to munch down that fruit or veggie?

Or, get them to drink water with crystal light
instead of sugary juice or soda?

I know I always do!
Luckily daughter already loves fruits
and veggies {phew!}
and she has taken a liking to water.
Thank goodness!

So why not get creative anyway?
Whether you child likes to eat the good stuff
or not you should still incorporate
some of this fun-ness on to your kid's plate.

Mom of the year? Absolutely!

So here we go ...
Do you think your little kiddo
might eat this before munching down just a
plain old pear?

I'm thinking so!
Let's see.  Give it a try.
Check out the instructions here.

How about that plain, boring water?
We all know water is good for us. All of us.
But kids want the sweet stuff.

How about making the water look fun & tasty?
Add some fun straws ...

And add some fresh fruit to the glass.
Does the fruit give lot's of flavor?
Umm ... probably not unless you
squeeze it a little.

But it sure does make that glass of water
look so much cooler.
And more fun for sure!

Give it a try.  These things have worked for me.
And I am confident that they will work for you too!

Good luck and enjoy!