06 July 2010

Celebrated Independence ALL weekend. YAY!

***Warning - there are A LOT of photos***
 This 4th of July weekend was so amazing.

Saturday we had the Run 4 Independence
in Elk Grove Park and the bike parade at Van Doren Park.

As Mrs. Northern Valley and my fight against
childhood obesity I thought it would
be fantastic to get a group of kids together to
participate in the Run 4 Independence. 
(The kid's runs were 1/4 mile for under 6 and
1/2 mile for 10 and under)
We had 6 kids including daughter!
They all loved it and are looking forward
to next year. YAY!

Our kids were sponsored by Mikuni. YUM
It was so great to see the Mikuni runners
get excited when they saw the kids.
They LOVED our customized shorts too.
Yep, we are lifers at Mikuni. For sure!

The kids of Team Mikuni & I

The entire team Mikuni

The big girls waiting for Cate to run the 1/4 mile

The big girls run the 1/2 mile

And they all finished ... ahhh

After the run we headed to the bike parade.
(all 6 kids went too! WOOT!)
The kids even decorated their bikes and helmets.
Yep, they were stoked! And they looked adorable!

P.S. Jen & I walked the parade with Jeff

Saturday was fabulous! to say the least.

Sunday, the 4th, we were low key.  
Headed to a good friend's house for dinner
and fireworks.
For dinner we all wanted something light & somewhat healthy.
After going through the new cookbook my mother-in-law
gave us we came up with a pasta salad that had
chicken, garlic, tomatoes & asparagus.
It was delish!
(recipe will be posted this week)
For desert we had frozen yogurt with fresh fruit.
It was the healthiest 4th of July meal we
have ever had! True story.

The fireworks were pretty and
the company was super.
It was a great night!