16 July 2010

Summer Spruce up - What's in your fridge?

And just in time for the weekend.

Do you know what is in your fridge?
I mean all the way in the very very back?

You know that tupperware container
you have been ignoring because the
leftovers in it have grown a blanket?
Ya, you know what I mean.

I recently went through every shelf.
one by one.
Picked. Cleared. Cleaned. Organized.

I wanted to make room for all of the
fresh, healthy and refreshing
fruits and veggies we just bought.
One reason why I love summer -
the cold foods taste so much better.
{in my opinion}

see what I mean?
breakfast this morning

I like wiping down the shelves
about once a month.
I do this because I would be mortified if
a guest went to my fridge and
tried to grab a jar of something
that was stuck to the shelf because
of something else.  Yes, this has happened
once. Only once.

It is a good idea to use your
grocery shopping day as a
fridge organizing day.
It makes total sense.
You do need to make room for
your new goodies, right?!

My fridge is set so I have other plans
for the weekend.
Dinner with the girls ... San Fran ... Fitness class ... Relax

Until Monday! Enjoy!