14 June 2010

A day on the lake. Bass lake.

We went on an out of town
but still close to home trip this weekend.
(Just a 3 hour drive)
That's it. 3 hours to beautiful ...
peaceful ... Bass Lake & Yosemite.
Most often that is all we need.
Just enough to get out of our
nice little neighborhood.

 ***Off track for a sec ... how lucky are
we Sacramento people?
1.5 hours west to San Fran ...
1.5 hours east to Tahoe ...
3.5 hours north to Lake Shasta ...
3 hours south west to Bass Lake/Yosemite ...
Murphys/Arnold about an hour ...
2 hours to Napa Valley ...
2 hours to Bodega Bay ...
45 minutes to a TON of wineries in the foothills ...
Ahhh ... I could go on but I will stop. :o)

Back on track***

3 families (13 people) +
1 pontoon boat + an 8 person tube +
sunscreen lots of sunscreen =
one EXCELLENT day on the lake!

We (meaning all 3 families) have decided this
is an annual thing we will do. Actually
this started last year on Lake Camanche.
Our vote: Bass Lake is mucho better.

Good times ... Family ... Food
Our family brought veggie and fruit trays
don't you know!  :o)

What more could you ask for?
Not much ... In My opinion.

Here are just a few pics ...
Bass Lake ... So pretty.
Magnificent hubber/daddy giving daughter
driving instructions.
She is 9 1/2 & drives a race car so
why not a pontoon boat too?

Daughter in action. She did great!

Thanks for stopping by today. Yosemite pics in the next few days.