01 June 2010

Hello June!

Well HELLO June.
You arrived so fast.
Oh boy, time has flown by...
Are we really almost
6 months until Christmas? YES!

June IS a good month.
June brings all of the following things ...

Lots of spare time for our kids.  SO, keep them busy = 
exercise, workbooks, reading, crafts, sports, camps ...
Ahhh ... the list could go on. So many options.

Lots of SUN (hopefully) which = swim. swim. swimming.
SO, apply sunblock.

Lots of BBQs, gatherings, dinner parties =
Mucho food.  SO, remember to eat smart!
Be the designated veggie tray bringer ... I am!

 Lots of flowers. Oh they are still blooming.
Lots of them. Everywhere. Thank you crazy weather.
SO water ... water ... water ... sparingly of course.
Lets keep things bright and pretty.

 Lots of time to clean. SO recycle and donate
when possible. There are so many people
in need in our community.  Don't waste!

Happy June 1st to you all.
Stay busy. Stay healthy. Stay safe.