04 June 2010

Whole Grain Waffles - YUM! & An Appearance!

Looking for something fun to do
with your kiddos Saturday morning.
(or Sunday. or both days!)

How about a little quality time
in the kitchen?  It's fun
and a great learning experience.
At my house, I will be the one learning. HA!
(Hey, I AM making cooking progress.)

Check out this recipe from one of
my favorite bloggers ~ NieNie.

Mmm ... They sound (& look) pretty good to me.

Let me know how yours turn out!

P.S. I am excited to report that as
Mrs. Northern Valley Intl. 2011 I will
be assisting at Leone Equestrians, Inc. this weekend
handing out show awards.  This is extra exciting because
riding was my childhood hobby.
Of course daughter and hubber will be there too!

I am hoping you all have a weekend just as fabulous!