23 June 2010

Oh so random ... Today~

I have so many thoughts, ideas, plans and not enough
time to execute as many as I would like.
I know YOU know the feeling.

I want to get a sewing machine.
Like really bad. I found a nice one
on Overstock.com but haven't gotten it yet.
I am trying to justify getting that little nifty 
when I know it will sit more then it will sew.

I love LOVE love my love for
working out.  Exercise is good.
swam laps last night with daughter
fun fun fun & refreshing

I am motivated.  I am excited.  Mrs. California is
right around the corner.  I am so lucky to
have the chance to compete for this title. 
It's true. I am sittng here smiling right this very second.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and
that good things do happen to good people.
Sometimes it takes a while to show up and knock
but it does eventually and when it does
you quickly realize the wait wasn't so bad after all.

Speaking of knocking ... I was just telling
Hubber that I feel like there is an amazing
opportunity right outside our door. I feel like if
we can just figure out what it is all we would need to do is
reach out and grab it.
Do you ever feel that way?  Like there
is something waiting for you?
I have SUCH a good feeling about this.

My random photo today is
photo credit: wehearit.com
Gosh I wish my blog was scratch-n-sniff!

How random are you today?